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SDAUTOTEC have moved to new state-of-the-art garage facilities in Yorkshire.

Now fitting GAZ struts to bonnets. TVR Tuscan, T350 and Tamoras - allowing easy access to engine bay.



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Here is a sample of the TVR reviews we have received from many TVR publications, websites and direct from our customers. Our images on this website do show or expertise, but these testimonials back up our expertise with great customer service and value.

Absolutely Terrific Service!

Here’s a story to share;
Similar to a few other folks heading for Spa next week – I too have had another setback [or two]. After making the decision to get the professionals in to fix the whining gearbox & the ‘smoky exhaust’ problem (actually turned out to be over-fuelling caused by the eng.temp sensor being out of spec). The only remaining issue was what felt like a mis-fire during cruising (accelerating seems ok) and I spotted a real dirty plug in cyl4.

So I’ve changed HT leads , all plugs, Dist-cap & rotor. Thinking this will be ‘job done‘ and fit for Spa. Wrong – the mis-fire ‘feel’ is still there…. Although it goes away when the throttle pot is disconnected, so I’m thinking its a fuelling/ecu/sensor issue – as base map (default running) is pretty much ok. I’m now looking for a replacement throttle pot at reasonable cost – where to buy or any new ideas for this one would be appreciated.

However to make the job a little more interesting, the old girl then decided to throw a strop in the driveway and the clutch pedal has suffered a ‘lock up’ issue. In which the engine runs and all gears can be selected but has no drive through to the wheels. Clutch is clearly operated but the pedal is up ! agghh.

Fortunately the splendid chap that sorted my re-conditioned gearbox – Steve Darvill at SDautotec (near Boroughbridge) is now in the process of saving my holiday (& bacon). He has discovered the thrust bearing fitted a few weeks ago has collapsed & held in the clutch. With the select fork returning to normal, so back filling the hydraulics & holding up the pedal. He is doing all the correction work at his cost & even covered the trailer collection from my home. Absolutely terrific service !

Had this been a euro-box garage I would have expected at least the half-hour argument – but it looks like I’ll be back on the road for this weekend, giving it the final shakedown before Spa. SDautotec would get my recommendation on every occasion.
jacksocket - Piston Heads website

Sprint Magazine Acticle

The new year started with the usual "Pre season fun". First was Mark Lee having a major refurb on his Chim with Steve Darvill at SDAutotec, Boroughbridge. After the initial "hot running" issue, its been body off, chassis, suspension and an engine rebuild, all ready for the Cobweb Run on March 28th.
SPRINT Issue 459 - March 2014

I understand that Richard Gaunt has his TVR Tuscan back from SD Autotec. We hope you have sufficiently recovered from the bill richard and your excuse for not attending the CobWeb Run is accepted: "Taking the Tuscan to Tuscany"!
SPRINT Issue 460 - April 2014

Mark Lee also helped Steve Darvill empty his workshop by collecting his newly refurbished Chim. The pics on the Tees Valley Region forum look really good and I know you are genuinely pleased with the quality of Steve's work and his attention to detail.
SPRINT Issue 460 - April 2014

"Ex-HHC and top bloke. Very friendly and helpful"

Steve at SD Autotec looked after my Tuscan 2S when I owned it and my V8S before that. Ex-HHC and top bloke. Very friendly and helpful. It's a nice drive out to his place too.
Woolly - Piston Heads Website

"Prices are realistic"

Steve is a great bloke with low overheads,so prices are realistic for work done and the quality is second to none.
CHIMV8 - Piston Heads Website

"Very pleased"

Bob, Give me a call and I have info on SD Autotec you might like and you can have a look at the Cerb. Had mine done over the winter. Very pleased.
Rich - Piston Heads website

"I've known and been able to trust him since I bought my first TVR in 1996"

Thanks for the wide variety of advice; all received gratefully. Conclusion is to spend £1800 + VAT and go for full body off chassis restoration as I intend to keep the car indefinitely and pass it to my son when I can no longer drive it. Work will be done by Steve Darvill at SDAutotec in Great Ouseburn North Yorkshire because it is local and I've known and been able to trust him since I bought my first TVR in 1996
beancounter - Piston Heads website